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I support my friend Steven Blaney for his indispensable qualities as the next leader of the Conservative party and Prime Minister. He is bilingual; he has overseen many important departments in government; he is a unifier who listen to citizens, and the natural winner our party needs.

Senator Jean-Guy DagenaisCampaign co-chair

Steven Blaney is honest, I trust him and I cannot imagine anybody else in the position of Prime Minister of Canada.

IgorConservative activist

With great relief, we welcome the arrival of Steven Blaney in the leadership race, because he always demonstrates his attachment to agriculture and a profound respect to the people working in it.

Denis FortierAgricultural producer

A man close to people, determined to defend Canadian values and able to lead our party to victory. I support Steven Blaney as Conservative leader.

William Morin-RoyConservative activist

When he came for the first time as a candidate for the Conservative party, he was simple, approachable, sincere and listening to people. This man remains as devoted and available as he was in 2006.

Nicole AubertConservative activist

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