We often say that actions speak louder than words. Here are concrete actions that I have done during the last ten years and that I am very proud of.


Fight Against Terrorism (C-51)

“Words generate the hate that creates violence and leads to terrorism. There is no liberty without security and there is no peace without respect.”

The Anti-terrorism Act, 2015 directly addresses the threat of terrorism by enhancing our Government’s ability to share information between relevant Government departments and agencies for national security purposes; criminalizing the advocacy and promotion of the commission of terrorism offences; preventing terrorists from travelling and recruiting others; and providing our police forces with the additional tools they need to prevent, detect, deny and respond to the threat of terrorism.

Protecting Supply Management

“It’s more than 25 M$ that returns in the pocket of our dairy producers with the decisive actions we have taken to end supply management bypass with pizza kits.”

In 2014, Minister Blaney while being in charge of the Border Services Agency closed the loophole that allowed to import massive quantity of cheese outside the tariff system.

Cutting red tape for gun owners (C-42)

“It’s about time the Canadian government stop treating our law-abiding hunters and sports-shooters like second-class citizens”

The Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act (C-42) improves the safety of our communities while ensuring safe and sensible firearms policies and cutting red tape for law-abiding firearms owners.

Pre-clearance Agreement

“Building trust in our relationships with our partners is the key to mutual success.”

It is now easier for Canadians to cross the border and trade goods with this new agreement signed in 2015 by Minister Steven Blaney and Secretary Jeh Johnson.

The new agreement provides a legal framework that will enable the establishment of new preclearance operations in any of the four modes of transportation.

Minister of Veterans Affairs

More money for the loved ones of our deceased Veterans

“Working for our veterans was a great honour and to treat them with respect and dignity was a unique experience.”

Through Economic Action Plan 2013, Steven Blaney secured $65 million over two years to enhance and simplify the Funeral and Burial Program by cutting unnecessary red tape and by more than doubling the funeral services reimbursement rate.

Major Transformation at Veterans Affairs Canada

“By answering the needs of our veterans and their families, we honour the devotion and courage they have shown by putting their life on the line for our country.”

As Veterans Affairs Minister, Steven Blaney completely transformed the department by cutting bureaucratic red tape and providing a hassle-free environment for Veterans looking for help from their government.

Among the key changes which he introduced:

  • Improved the Veterans Independence Program by eliminating the requirement for those who receive housekeeping and grounds maintenance through the program to submit receipts to receive financial support for these services
  • The new My VAC Account which provides one-stop online shopping, providing the convenience and flexibility of doing business online with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Eliminated the need to submit receipts to get financial support to cover travel expenses resulting from medical appointments
  • Plain Language Initiative to improve its communications with Veterans, Canadian Forces members and their families

Hire A Veteran

“By recognizing the Canadian sacrifice, we rediscover our own history and we can take action to protect our liberty.”

As Minister of Veterans Affairs, Steven Blaney built a comprehensive employment strategy to support Veterans, following their release from the Canadian Armed Forces, who are searching for employment opportunities in the public or private sector.

He reached out to Corporate Canada and created the Veterans Transition Advisory Council to provide strategic recommendations to the Government of Canada on ways in which the transition process for our service personnel from military to civilian employment can be improved.

The Member of Parliament

Sustainable Prosperity

“With the construction of the natural gas distribution network in Bellechasse, we sustain growth for manufacturing firms while both reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 6000 tons and remaining competitive as global leaders.”

Extension of the natural gas distribution network between Lévis and Sainte-Claire in Bellechasse, at an estimated cost of $42 million, will boost the region’s economic development. Enterprises using natural gas—a cheaper, cleaner energy source than oil—will therefore be able to consider upgrading their facilities, thus becoming more competitive.

Saint Lawrence River Crossing

After being challenged by the Fondation de l’Hôtel-Dieu de Lévis in 2012, I swim across the Saint Lawrence River each year, between Québec and Lévis.

About twenty swimmers, each accompanied by a kayaker, cross the river to collect funds for nonprofits in the region, like the Centre de pédiatrie sociale de Lévis, la maison Portage and le comptoir alimentaire Le Grenier. With the support of partners, the amount collected rises over $100 000!

Drunk Driving

“Every day, innocent victims are losing their lives on the roads or are hurt because of repeat drunk drivers and drunk driving.”

On February 2016, Steven Blaney tabled a private member bill regarding impaired driving to deal with the scourge of drunk driving. The bill will tougher sentences for repeat drunk drivers, relieve pressure on the courts by eliminating legal delays and loopholes and allow systematic testing for police to ask any driver at any time to provide a breath sample in order to determine its alcohol content.

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