Meet Steven

Everyone has a unique story that forges their personality. To better understand my origins and background, here is mine!

Baptême de Steven Blaney

The Sherbrookois

April 8, 1965

I was born at Hôtel-Dieu de Sherbrooke; during the Stanley Cup playoffs, where the Montreal Canadians were playing against Toronto’s Maple Leafs.

I remember this magnificent city; perched in the Eastern Townships  with ever-lasting memories of an open and welcoming place, where Francophone and Anglophone communities coexist, mutually benefiting from one another. 

The Engineer

September 1984

Fascinated by Quebec’s engineering and the great dams like Manic 5; I undertook studies in civil engineering in Sherbrooke and gained my first internship as a site supervisor in Iberville, which is now part of St-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

As a hobby during my studies, I joined the competitive swimming team Green and Gold, and of course, joined the student association.

My first steps in politics

October 28, 1998

Mario Dumont is looking for a candidate for the first time in Beauce-Nord for the Action démocratique du Québec. I am tired of the quarrels between federalists and separatists, as we jump into never-ending deficits. I jump into a new adventure: politics. 

My mother, Monique, is my official agent and my father is my chief organizer. I participated at the debates, summoned the press, issued releases, met with people and visited enterprises. I was stung!

On election night, I ended with an honourable 14.4% support.

The return of Quebec’s Conservatives

The Member of Parliament

January 23, 2006

This time is the good one! With the conservative wave and the work of a small and passionate team, we liberate Lévis-Bellechasse from the Bloc’s grasp, as we accede to Government under the leadership of Stephen Harper.

An era of investment and projects is beginning in the constituency with the relocation of the Patro de Lévis, the construction of the Centre des congrès de Lévis, the revival of Davie shipbuilding, the infrastructure project of the Massif du Sud in St-Philémon and the one in Buckland, where at last, people won’t have to boil their water anymore.

Minister of Veterans Affairs

May 18, 2011

Resisting the crushing orange wave in Québec, I am nominated to the cabinet as Minister of Veterans Affairs in a majority Government.

After numerous meetings with our veterans, I understand the depth of Canadian’s sacrifice and courage; forever transformed by their courage and self-denial.

My accomplishments

Minister of Public Safety

July 15, 2013

Bill C-42

The liberal obsession to treat hunters and sport shooters as second class citizens exasperates me to no limits. Our country was built upon these traditional activities. Why must they harass law abiding citizens with useless paperwork and threaten them with jail time at each single irregularity?  

I thank my colleagues; the respected Garry Breitkreuz from Saskatchewan, Greg Farrant of the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, Tony Bernardo of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association, as well as, all the persons that helped me elaborate The Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act. The bill imposes mandatory training for every person that wishes to acquire or possess firearms, and the removal of their license in case of domestic violence.

My accomplishments

The terrorist attacks

During my role as Minister of Public Safety and Emergency preparedness; the Provincial Minister, Lise Thériault, informed me that this was not a road accident but rather a terrorist attack on Canadian ground, and that Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent had fallen.

Forty-eight hours later, Cpl. Nathan Cirillo lost his life during another terrorist attack. A profound sadness had spread around the Country. I felt the imperative need to improve our legal tools to ensure the security of Canadians against this new threat. I received the full support of the current Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and the Minister of Justice, Peter Mackay, to undertake the greatest challenge of my life.

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